Where the Magic Happens!


Philly-New York–TWO TOWNS, separated by–ehhhh– you know the rest!  Turns out that the promo WPHL’s Chris Schaefer had me voice is going to get a second life as the Phils play the Mets again!  So, tune in and see it all over again!  (I will post times here as I get them!)

Many of you have commented that I am a little hard on the recording studio when I talk about the promos we have done.  So, I went ahead and took some pictures when we redid some lines for this series!  As you will It is every bit how I described.  In fact?  I might have been too kind.  But it’s a lot of fun.   As you all heard in the first blog I am not really the star of these productions… It’s Producer, Chris Schaefer.  He calls the shots.  I am just the talking monkey.  Or “mouth monkey” as he most recently called me.  Thanks dude, first time a GUY ever called me that…

Here is another outtake/warmup

Here are some Photos…

Should give you an idea JUST how long this studio has been here!

Wide shot complete with state of the art equipment, script, and water that once belonged to SALLY STAR.

Close up of our “script!”

Be careful!  The sound proofing stuff “sheds!”


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