Blogging with WPHL!

So it turns out I am not the only one at my station that blogs.  Two of my favorite people in my little slice of Philadelphia TVland also have blogs.  Perhaps other folks do as well, but these are two that I know about and I wanted to link to them.  Better Philly host Joey Fortman, who I go on shoots with sometimes, (Lingerie Football, Baseball 101, and PAL Celebrity Softball) has a blog called; Eating Green Cheerios.  Next time I see her I wil ask her what Green Cheerios are!  Anyway Joey is a riot so. check out her Joey blog here, or enjoy the excerpt below, (that yours truly just happens to be in!)

Next up?  WPHL’s  Steve Highsmith.  Steve is the Director of Community Relations and host of myphl17’s community affairs program entitled “In Focus.” Steve’s also the host of “Live@Issue,” covering elections and politics for NBC10.  He’s also known to millions as “The Voice of Mummers Parade.”  His blog will be an extension of all those things, and hopefully, a little taste of what we at the station call, “Casual Steve.”  His blog can be found here.  He’s blogged about the Mummers, the Vick situation, and some local politics.  No Casual Steve just yet, but keep on the lookout.  Casual Steve is really funny and has some great, great stories to tell…

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