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My new favorite thing in the entire world is speaking to kids that want to follow a career in TV/Media/etc.  I had the pleasure of doing that at Grace Downing School in Runnemede.  Back story, a life long friend, Jade Yezzi is the Principal there and set up the whole thing. We did a Weekend Philler piece about the class and fellow producer Kristen Hatfield Matranga and I got to get asked questions by the kids. It was so much fun and the kids where adorable, smart and attentive.  I felt very comfortable and in my element teaching those kids.  So much so that I’m considering making that kind of thing part of my career at some point.  If just one of those kids follows a passion because of something Kristen said, or I said– that would be so rewarding.

The segment we shot will air on March 31 and if you miss it you can find it on Weekend Philler the Facebook

Downing School Interviews Weekend Philler

Thanks kids! Great Questions!

Posted by Tony Romeo on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Downing School Interviews Weekend Philler

Aiden did a great job and went right to the gut with his first question! haha

Posted by Tony Romeo on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Grace Downing Elementary on Weekend Philler

Weekend Philler had a ton of fun filming at Grace Downing Elementary in Runnemede School District today! We will see you on the show very soon! 😉

Posted by Weekend Philler on Monday, March 26, 2018


And some photos!

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