Nothing Gold Can Stay…


I’ll get to the “I can’t believe how fast the time went” in a second, but I’m going to start this blog a different way– They say behind every great man is a woman, and before we are men, we are kids– and behind many great kids is a great mom.  I think that’s why when I started to edit the photos of Berlin Community School’s grad– I was stopped in my tracks of this photo of my nephew Nick and my sister Tracie.  Nick had an amazing career at BCS, so many great memories– I’ve had the privilege to see them all, some in person for pics– but this picture reminded me that sometimes the parents of these great kids get lost in the shuffle.  Some great kids succeed despite awful parents– this is not the case with Nick and Jess.  His parents are the best, so supportive, especially my sister– and this picture will always be a favorite for me because it tells that story… great pictures tell great stories.

That said… WOW!?!  How the hell is my nephew done grade school already?!?  Where DID the time go.  I loved watching him and his classmates over the years and was happy to be able to take some of these great pics of Nick, my family and so many of his friends that I got to know a little over the years.  I’m really proud of all of them, especially the ones in these pics.  Nick, Adriana, Joel, Matt, Vincent, Dylan, Carleigh, Julie to name a few– these are kids I watched grow up in pictures on this blog.  I blinked and they are off to the next adventure…

Congrats to the 61st graduating class of Berlin Community School, especially Nick and Adriana.

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