About Tony Romeo dot Com

This is my my personal blog. Funny things about me, my family, my friends.  I also have a collection of work related posts.  I have a pretty interesting career and some of what I write/shoot/edit are things I’d like to share.  Yet STILL, this is my PERSONAL BLOG and my PERSONAL OPINIONS.  In this day and age where putting something online opens you up to millions, I realize that potential clients, collaborators, or employers may find my personal blog as well.  I’d hope you’d judge my ability to work with or for you by what you see on my resume, portfolio, or industry blog.  But I’d also hope you’d find what’s here if you chose to look,  clever, funny, touching, or poignant enough to say;

“Hey!  That’s a cool guy that’s probably got an awesome sense of humor and would fit in great!”

If you do, making this personal site public has served a professional purpose.  If you don’t…then well, it’s serveda purpose in a different way, hasn’t it?!?!



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