3 thoughts on “Contact Tony Romeo

  1. Great job Nick on Work Day with Uncle Tony. Keep that up and you will have a job there too.

    Your commercial was very good. I liked the Kids food pyramid Nick. I see what you got to eat!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi tony this Rochelle Micheal Faller aunt we where their on Friday March27 . I was wondering if we can get a video of his tour i well gladly pay for it what ever it cost.You can reach me at 484=721-2305 or [email protected]. Thank you for everything you did for him.

  3. Enjoyed your video.
    I knew your Dad and he was a great guy.
    I was at Phu Cat Dec68 to Dec69 so I was only at the base with your Dad for part of my tour.
    I worked in the accounting and finance office also and have recently by chance met up with two other guys your Dad may remember. Art Schoenberger and Mike Leshner. We are all doing well.
    Best wishes to your Dad and thank you for putting the video together.
    Jim Underwood from Long Island

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