Who’s Tony Romeo?

My name is Tony Romeo. As the web makes our world smaller and smaller, I realize it’s not such a unique name anymore, but I am the Tony Romeo from Berlin, NJ. It’s where I currently reside as well. My family is from Berlin, I have lots of friends in Berlin, and more often than not it’s a nice place to call home.


I have been a producer for over a decade. I started as a writer for American Express because my first BA is in English and writing was my first passion. Graphic Art and Photography, however, were also passions and as the web emerged as a viable place to utilize that skill set, I migrated to it. I got my first job as a content producer based on the strength of my portfolio, but later returned to Rutgers for formal study in Art to compliment my first BA. After several solid years of producing web content, both professionally and freelance, I began teaching classes in Web Design, Photoshop, Digital Photography and Flash on a part-time basis.

Around 2005, the web began to change once again and I changed with it. Elaborate design took a backseat to usability and optimization of content. In a way I had come full circle as the web once more became about findable content, or simply, copy. Web sites needed to include carefully crafted copy, intuitive programming, and navigable design. As one that understands the nuances and complexities of all those components and now they need to come together, my career took the natural progression to management. In 2006 I took became the Director of Interactive Marketing for an ad agency in Pennsylvania.

I loved management, but I missed production. Then a job that mixed Writing, Management, Graphics, Photography, SEO and Social Media presented itself. In 2008 I became the Interactive Producer for WPHL-TV a Tribune Broadcasting property in Philadelphia. I am living the best of all worlds managing a gigantic interactive endeavor for the station, but still able to produce winning content that has gotten millions of page views Tribune wide.  That content started as photo-driven, but later took the shape of video contents made specifically for web/digital.  And THAT is when things got really interesting.  In 2015 I pitched a show to the station that would feature those videos and they went for it!  They even let me host and Weekend Philler has been a successful show ever since running at 6:30pm and 11:30pm on PHL17 in Philadelphia.

At my core, that is what I am; one that is able to take all resources at my disposal to make winning content for social, web and television.

But don’t take my word for it! Check me out on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and see for yourself.

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