Hodor Gets Married

    So I blatantly am using that title to see if I can get a little search engine love, BUT, some do say my friend Will looks a little like the famed character from Game of Thrones.  I was one of those people that blurted it out the first time I met all 8 feet tall of him!  Since … Continue reading

Schaefer Wedding

June 13th, 2015 is going to be a day I will never forget.  After a really interesting morning, I attended and shot the wedding of one of my BFF's of all time, Chris Schaefer.  (Frequent flyers of Romeo Blog will remember Chris as my old roomie and co-author of Peter Cheeseman).  He and his … Continue reading

The Reilly Wedding

I don't do weddings!  (I guess that's true on many, many levels...ha ha.) Anyway, seriously-- weddings are a much different type of shooting than I normally do.  I sit in awe of good wedding photogs that can pose people and all that stuff, but that's not what I enjoy.  I feel my poses looks … Continue reading