The Reilly Wedding

I don’t do weddings!  (I guess that’s true on many, many levels…ha ha.) Anyway, seriously– weddings are a much different type of shooting than I normally do.  I sit in awe of good wedding photogs that can pose people and all that stuff, but that’s not what I enjoy.  I feel my poses looks silly.  (I myself look silly when I pose myself– and generally I am an awesome looking person, haha.)  I shoot events, sports, news, action, etc- in a journalistic style. Be it for work, or for play,  I am trying to tell a story in pictures when I shoot, not to create some perfect fairytale fantasy like most wedding shooters try to do and most brides want!

So, when two great friends of mine got hitched, they met me in the middle.  They said;  “do our wedding, they way YOU do things.”  And I did.  (That’s not to say I didn’t do the posed shots- I did, and they were fine actually).  But I “covered” the Reilly Wedding like I would a work assignment.  The result?  Some of my favorite pics of all time were taken that day… thanks to Kevin Reilly and Tina Reilly and their wonderful family and friends.  I had a blast and met some awesome people.

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