Thanksgiving 2009 Turkey Trot

thanks_2009-1Thanksgiving 2009 started with my new tradition of the last few years, The Cooper River Turkey Trot 5k!  I have not been running due to an injured knee, but I have been hitting the gym and doing the elliptical, so I thought I’d be OK.  I wasn’t!  I mean I finished, but really slowly.  I have also been sore since.  Final time was like 29:19.  I also did the run with some friends that all agree I am not allowed to publish their pictures at anytime, under any circumstances. SO, AG, AG, LG, KH, and KI, great seeing you and I hope to see you all next year.  Please enjoy the single publishable picture of the day, me…  I said this was the last run of the year, but I have ONE more December 12.

Later in the day I spent some time at my sister’s and took these. (below)  Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!