EHS Theater: Final Bow Edition

I think my nephew’s first production was 101 Dalmatians and I am pretty sure my niece was something at her pre-school, United Methodist. They both stuck with it, all the way through high school. Last weekend was my niece Jess’s final performance at Eastern High School. To make that more bittersweet, EHS is also where I went to high school. So, this was my last play too! I mean, maybe I will go back and catch one here and here, but, it was my last one as “Uncle Tony.” I am so proud of Jess, and Nick before her and really, all the kids I’ve seen over the last decade and a half at all the venues.

Fun fact, my favorite part, especially to take pics of, is their final bows. Kids in this generation have a “face” for everything. They have lived their whole lives in the cell phone selfie era and they know how to look happy, sad, mad, etc. when put in front of a screen…even if that’s not 100% how they feel at the time. That’s why I love curtain call. It’s 100% what their happy/joyful/proud faces look like. It’s genuine and in a sea of selfies– a truly authentic moment that has moved me to tears from their first bow to this last one…

Here are some more photos from the final Production of “Urinetown” at EHS that we published on PHL17.