So much Philler, so Little Time

Tony Romeo Weekend Philler

Tony Romeo Weekend Philler

Wow, I am way behind on the ol’ Romeo blog because we’ve been really busy at work with the new show, that isn’t that new anymore, Weekend Philler.  I am loving hosting and I am loving producing.  Each producer on the show brings a little something different, which is why the show is quirky, and for me, why it works.  The last few spots I have worked on have made me incredibly proud because I am connecting to really great networks that are the real deal when it comes to doing good in this world… First Up? (as I say in my opens) Sunday Love Project.  Here I met the lovely Margaux Murphy.  She’s a tiny little firecracker that decided to feed 12 homeless people Boston Market one Sunday and got hooked on the feeling.  Now she, with the help of volunteers feeds over 200 people a week in Love Park and has not missed a single Sunday in two years.

Next up, The Polar Bear Plunge from Wildwood, NJ. Director of Media Operations at the Wildwood Convention Center, John Lynch, together with the Special Olympics of NJ make this event one of my favorites.  I have covered for years, but this year I got to do it Weekend Philler style and that made it extra special.

And finally– Philly Bowie Week.  I am a huge Robert Drake fan and his efforts to bring Philadelphia Love Bowie Week to the city had been on my radar, but I needed just the right event for TV.  I am SO GLAD I picked this one because I got to meet Patti Brett owner of Doobie’s Bar, and, GROWN UP SIGMA KID.  If you don’t know what that is, check out this link, we have a Weekend Philler Extra.  Also check out Sigma kids on Facebook.  (It’s got great photos that I could not get rights to for my piece.)

When you have a Philler Episode that includes three pieces that strong, it’s a really good week. I worked my ass off, but, stories like this make it all worth it.