Tale of Two Cliff Lees

Life moves pretty fast… especially this time of year.  So before the holiday takes my attention and before Mummers coverage for WPHL steals my attention, I just had to blog about the Cliff Lee signing.  I had the privilege to attend the press conference.  Not my first Phils presser, and not my last, but by far the biggest.  I was at every press conference for the 2009 and 2010 post season runs and I have never seen the media room at Citizens Bank Park more packed.  The room was as electric as it was giddy.  I have never seen Ruben Amaro, Jr. smile so much, as well he should! I was so happy to be a part…below is a pic and here is the Entire Cliff Lee Presser Gallery I shot for WPHL-TV.

When I got back to the office?  Things got really fun.  Turns out the entire Delaware Valley was also completely giddy with Lee Fever.  Tweets, FB messages and Photoshops depicting the new Phillies rotation took over the internet.  We turned the photoshops we got into a Cliff Lee Photoshop Fun Gallery.  Having worked in Graphic Art for many, many years, it was all I could do to not join in the fun…


Driving to work I heard a poem on 610.  It was so good I wanted to steal it and put it on the WPHL site.  Before I could make the literary felony however, the person that wrote the poem sent it to the station with her permission to use . (Twas the Night Before Cliffmas, Cliff Lee Poem is here.)  It was so good I took some time and made the art for the story. (below.)  Merry Cliffmas!

For my Rankin Bass animated film fans; Halladay is crafted from young KRIS KRINGLE in Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Cliff Lee is made from JANGLE from Year Without a Santa Claus, and Hamels and Oswalt are HERMIE and FOREMAN ELF  from Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.