Sing Your Life

My niece and her BFF were in a program called Summer Stage this month at Camden County College. The three week program prepares kids to perform an end of summer musical. They sing, they dance, and then perform to a packed house of friends and relatives. My niece even had her 85 year old grandmother in the crowd. I am very proud of my niece and nephew and cousins that are like nieces and nephews to me when they do things like this because it’s not easy! It may be a little easier for my niece since I made her a YouTube star when she was only 2 or 3

“Walk right up to the microphone
And name…
All the things you love,
All the things that you loathe,
Oh sing your life”-— Morrissey

Here’s some photos from from the day.

And here’s some video.  I apologize that it’s jumpy and loses focus at times.  It was shot with a really long SLR lens and focus is 100% manual when you are on a lens that long in video mode.


“You have a lovely singing voice…” (Sing Your Life–Morrissey).

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