Phillies Phreelance Work

When I was a kid, I dreamt of working with the Phillies. Of course back then it was a dream that I’d play second base after Manny Trillo retired, but being a part-time photographer for the Phils is still pretty cool. Being a part-time Phillies shooter is its own reward on so many levels. First, most of what I am assigned is through their Community Outreach or Phillies Charities departments. The Phils offer so many unique and truly once in a lifetime experiences for fans that don’t get tons of press coverage. As such, the imagery I take away from these events, gets to tell the story. I think that’s why I like it so much, and why i am so good at it. More than setting up one shot for a long period of time, I am the kind of story-telling photographer that likes to tell a complete story over a series of pictures. If you miss one shot? You might miss the story. So I try not to miss. This is how I like to shoot weddings too. It’s cool to have an iconic single shot that takes you time to set up, but it’s cooler to have a series of great shots that tell the story about a great couple. (And if you are not a great couple, I won’t do your wedding! ha ha).

The last two Phillies assignments it was my privilege to shoot for the Phillies were about sick kids. The first was a Halloween Party at the Embassy Suite Hotel that the Phils welcomed kids from CHOP for Halloween fun.

The second was a Clubhouse Sleepover. Here are some of my favorites via my Facebook page.

And here are the galleries on and FB.

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