Weekend Philler moves to 11pm!

The toughest thing about my, soon to be 7 seasons, hosting and producing Weekend Philler on PHL17?

Enjoying it.

The pace… the 1000 other things I do at the station… the pandemic… crazy, at times, personal life… the commute from hell… losing great phillerinos… it is go, go, go in the weird and wild world of local TV. And that’s not a complaint, it’s just the reality of our industry.

So, today– I am going to take a minute to enjoy it. What might seem like a subtle change to some… is a big deal to me and the people that make Weekend Philler. Philadelphia is a 4th/5th Market city and one of the crown jewels of our local TV landscape is 6 ABC. Their evening news is like the Phillies, Eagles, Sixers and Flyers. People pass it down to their kids…their grandkids. It’s the most accepted, followed and trusted evening news, not just in our market… but probably the country. It’s why PHL17 gives our air to a different brand/station at 10pm daily…

It’s truly an honor and a privilege to be following Action News on Saturday nights at 11:00pm. Local TV is all about lead in… and 7 years ago when Philler was just a lil’ baby Philler… I would have literally shit my pants thinking we’d be following that news. Now I can’t wait for an audience that loves local stories, to see Weekend Philler tell local stories the way we do…

“We give you our mic, you give us your stories.”

It’s been our tagline and differentiator from jump and I can’t wait for people all over the Delaware Valley to tell their stories at 11pm on PHL17.