Weekend Philler: “I’m Tony Romeo and until next week, I’ll see you on the Internet.”

So Weekend Philler, the show that started as an idea to use programming to fill weekends was officially placed on the fall 2016 schedule.  We knew it was a go, but, seeing it placed on the schedule at an all hands meeting at PHL17 made it official.  That also means it has a time slot.  Saturdays at 11:30pm.  Until now I had been producing with the thought it was an AM show– but it’s evening. (Although, it’s also going to be used for what it actually is, “filler” so, you may see it other times.

I am learning so much as we go and I can’t wait to make really great spots about the interesting people, places and things that have been bouncing around my brain over the years.  Some I already have.  You can see the first four episodes here.  (One is being re-shot as we liked the format of the later shows better.)

This is pretty surreal stuff for me as I have always wanted to do a weekend feature show.  CBS Sunday Morning is my favorite and I adore Charles Osgood.  My sign off is homage to him and the best weekend feature driven journalism on TV.

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