Weekend Philler Episode 2 with your host Tony Romeo

So after a successful test of our new weekend video show, “Weekend Philler” I am happy to report that my friends in Philadelphia will be able to see the show every weekend starting in the fall of 2016.  (Time is still TBD, but we think it’s a morning show, not a late night– which means my “Show Us Your Peter” segment about Peter Griffin will likely not be able to happen.)  BUT, I will still be making great spots about local topics and people and I will be hosting.  As we get further into Philler and we decide the direction, I hope you will get to see the “me” that is familiar to those that know me. Funny, quick, silly etc.  We got a little more of that in episode 2.

But Weekend Philler is not about the host, if we are doing it right it’s about the people.  We like to say we are putting the U back in UHF.  Already in a handful of episodes, (we are shooting for episode 4 and 5 now, I have been able to tap my own networks to produce stories and will continue to do so.  So PLEASE, if you have ideas– I want to hear them.  Sue Cardamone, Dancing on Air Spot, Run856, Cape May Brewing, Kid Reporter Interviews the Mayor, etc etc are all stories that are from people I know.  It’s really the best way to tell a story.  “Write what you know” is something you hear over and over again in any kind of writing class.

Stay Tuned.