Name Our Dog!

For those of you on my Facebook, you know that the Romeo family is about to get another puppy. He’s the result of an unlikely union between a pure bread Tibetan Terrier and a pure bread Springer Spaniel. I posted the name contest on FB and got record responses. Those are below. For those not on Facebook, here’s your chance to… NAME THIS DOG!!!




10 thoughts on “Name Our Dog!

  1. I’m going with Harry- Tony – I have a Harry – he is the coolest cat in the universe. My mom has a Harry Houdini, and Chip & Deb have Harry of the dynamic duo Elsie and Harry. We need a Harry K. or Kalas.

  2. He’s so adorable!!!!! Soooo….it’s totally obivious…Mr. Tibb’s (Tib)etan Terrier and a pure bread (S)pringer Spaniel!!
    T – JesseJane is having pups…Mother’s Day is her due date! She’s HUGE!!!

  3. THEY CALL ME– MR. TIBBS! That’s a great movie line by Sidney Poitier! That’s pretty good De! works on several levels.

  4. my first thought when i looked at him was “oreo” and sure enough someone else thought of it….so that is my suggestion!

  5. I have several. Oscar as in Wilde, Laddy, Santos L. Halper, Poochie, Officer Scraps, Dash Dingo, Dog O’ War, and last but not least Flatulent Fox.

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