Berlin NJ is the set of WPHL Commercial

So it’s not as grandiose as when Kevin Smith shot Jersey Girl and traffic was not stopped or re-ruoted, but today WPHL shot a Phillies commercial in Berlin, NJ, specifically in my home!.  While the commercial itself will only be about 15 seconds long, you’d be shocked the amount of time goes into prepping.  A lot of that time is lightening.  Mad scientist of all things lighting, Tim Obeck, really outdid himself on the set-up, and as usual, I learned a ton from him.  Also on the shoot set-up were Tony Romeo (me), Travis Brower and Chris Schaefer.  We will see if the spots that will include me, Travis, Chris and Kamal Mason, can cut the mustard enough to make it to air.  I have always wanted to “work” from home, but never did fathom a scenrio as cool as this!  Now I have to go put my home back together.  Here are some making of the commercial shots.  (Special thanks to Carl for the use of his Phillies gear and Jackie for the fine pottery that will be seen in several shots.)


See you next time…


7 thoughts on “Berlin NJ is the set of WPHL Commercial

  1. Hey, maybe you found my clear eyes wedged in the couch somewhere? And for the record, I have NEVER peed on your couch..

  2. I didn’t even go there Wolf! ALthough it crossed my mind. The real breath holder for me was when w/o warning it was picked up and moved, I was really apprehensive what could have been under there!

  3. Perhaps you’ll be kind enough to impart some of your newly acquired lighting knowledge to Bob and I.
    Oh, and I never pissed on the couch either, but I did brush my lap in the bathroom quite vigorously.

  4. Sounds like a blast!!! If you ever need a really cute dog to join in on any commercials let me know. I am waiting for my S.A.G card to be delivered any day now. The mailman and I are tight, so he said he would keep an eye out for it. Woof Woof.

  5. Glad they didn’t find the dead midget I stashed under your couch. Boy did that fantasy shit the bed real quick.

  6. Precisely why I have always recommended a wheelbarrow in that scenario, for disposal of said Midget. The eraser is merely a false clue to throw off the investigation.

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