New Phillies Commercial

So I am in another Phillies commercial!  This one was filmed the same day as the other Phillies commercial I was in.   The usual production suspects were involved, Tim Obeck on camera and  Travis Brower directing.  My long cohort in WPHL crime, Chris Schaefer, actually got to be in this one for a change.

Since my home was already set up to film the main commercial and  we had some “props” laying around, Travis kind of thought of this one top of his head.   The idea was like a “Tale of Two Cities” kinda thing.  Happiness reigns in Philly as two friends emphatically enjoy the Phils crush the Sox– cut to sad dejected Red Sox Loner…

There were two things that were difficult about this shot.  I mean aside from the difficulty that happens EVERY time.. i.e.  I am not an actor! (ha ha.).  First?  Was we were abnormally close together.  To get us both in the shot however and to fill a screen properly?  It had to be that way.  Second…we were directed to do a crazy fan kind of thing.  Easy enough in theory.  But to make that footage usable for editing purposes… we had to SUSTAIN crazy fan for way longer than you would in real life.  Acting.  I get it.  SOOOO, in that little acting zone, I place my hand on Kamals leg.  And even though the overwhelming majority of people don’t notice?  Those that do?!  Are busting my chops like you would not believe!  Oh well.  That’s Show Biz!

That is the handy work of Jeff Butler.  Revenge will be SEVERE.