Wizard World Philadelphia Comic-Con

Wow!  What a nerdtastic lovefest this thing was!  I covered Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con  for WPHL on June 11 and June 12 at the Philly Convention Center.  I have pictures and videos of the event here  Philadelphia Comic-Con Pictures and Video.

My short recap?  I am much less of a fan of Adam West and much more of a fan of Marilyn Ghigliotti. Adam West could not be bothered, even if you were a member of the press, unless you had cash in hand.  Most of the other celebs there were more than happy to grant press all the photos they wanted.  Marilyn was especially cool and I actually got a little star-struck as we talked Clerks.  Even though our conversation started with her asking about my lens.  (Since clerks she is way into Photography).  So as I sat their talking to her like a regular person, it started creeping into the back of my mind that she is the girl that brought Dante lasagna in one of my favorite movies of all time.  Had it not been for that movie?  I might not have even finished college, let alone thought about working in TV.  I quickly turned back into the 20 something that loved that movie.  But then recovered and had a nice convo.  I also met Scott Schiaffo, the Chewlie’s Gum Guy, but he looks much cooler than he did back then I did not recognize him at first. I am much more of a fan of Brandon DiCamillo than Gil Gerard for the same reasons.  Brandon sat there in his Phillies Hat and talked Flyers to more than a few passersby.  Gil?  Have your cash out.  (He at least posed for a picture! )

I am still 50 50 on trekkies versus jedi, but Star Trek gals just  “get it” and I will just leave it at that!   Oh, and I am still afraid of Darth Vader even if he’s just a guy in a suit, even if I tell myself he’s Chad Vader just to get the courage to talk to him!   If you ever go?  Bring your wallet because the ONLY free thing at Philly Comic Con was Rorschach’s hugs!


It was also great to see Gina and Steve and Steve Yaroch nerding it up at the convention.  Mark Hoffman too.  I think his kid made one of my gallery shots.  And of course, where there are autographs to be had, you might see Joe LeConey. Especially if he wins the ticket from WPHL.  (Enter those contests folks, people really win!)

Nano Nano,  everybody.  See you next year…

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  1. I’m really excited for this upcoming comic-con. Can’t wait to see Deborah Vankin! Love her graphic novel “Poseurs.”

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