BCS Hoe Down

del_hoe_downSo I am sitting at my house, minding my own business, just packing all my camera gear for the Philly Comic-Con shoot I had to go to.  An unfamiliar number comes up on the cell, I answer it, and my sister’s BFF for life, Becky Norcross-Boal tells me it’s BERLIN HOE DOWN Day at Berlin Community School.  She asked if I could get a camera crew to come over and get it on the news.  She then tells me it starts in 5 minutes. I reminded Becky that I don’t just keep video crews locked in my basement, at the ready, waiting for such calls.

I told her that I would however come and shoot some stills since my Dad (Tony Romeo), Nephew, Sister, and several cousins and friends would all be there.  So I unpacked all my shit… and took a few pictures of what was a neat little day at my alma-mater.  Thanks for the head’s up, Becky!  Your a good BFF to put BCS Hoe Down on my radar.  Please give me more notice for the BCS Pimps Up!