Phillies Ballgirls: Habitat for Humanity Shoot

This was my favorite Phillies Ballgirl shoot possibly ever.  Even though it was really, really uncomfortably hot the day I went.   Since this published on, I have been asked several times if it’s actually real, or just a photo-op.  And to be sure, it’s real.  Obviously the Phillies don’t send press releases if they do not want media to come and take photos, but the work the Phillies Ballgirls did in that very needy, (Medary Ave near LaSalle U.) section of Philly was the real deal.  They got there early, stayed late, and really did the stuff you see in the pictures.  Drilling, sweeping, sawing, nailing, etc.  They really participated.   They girls get instructed on how to use the equipment by the folks at Habitat for Humanity, then it’s off to work for them.  All the hot, sweaty day.  (As a funny aside, when i TWEETED this story later in the day, it was “PHILLIES BALLGIRLS IN HOT SWEATY ACTION!  HA!)

Some of the pictures that I took were also used by the Phillies and MLB on the Phillies sites (right).  That has happened a few times before, but not that many, so I was very happy to have it happen again.  Two plus years of 60-80 hour work weeks working in television have not made me so jaded or immune to the fact that I was once a huge Phillies fan that would have been really, really psyched to have my stuff looked at by them, let alone used.  So, it’s still very cool that they do that and make me happy.  (Click Below, may or may not work  based on MLB’s way of making URLS!)

As always, the remainder of the photos from the day can be found on the galleries on by following the image link below.


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