Philly Passion Shoot

Just another day at Philadelphia Passion Lingerie Football Tryouts…  The LFL is entering its second season and the Philadelphia squad held tryouts to get closer to its opening day roster.  I have been to several Philadelphia Passion events and tryouts for WPHL.  In general, the athletic ability of the people that are getting involved with this sport is really, really coming along.  (Which to some “purists” is troubling… i.e. it takes the really smoking hot girl with no athletic ability out of the mix…).  To that I say, rest easy.  They are still really pretty, they can just play now too.  I saw one girl outrun a coach, I saw another make a one handed catch, and I saw several catch 35 yard fly patterns WITH their hands no less.  (As opposed to catching it against their bodies.) Some people think the league is a joke and certainly, to some people, it can be.  But not to the women that play.  They take it very seriously, they love to hit, mix it up, etc.  They just like to do it in lingerie.  Check it out for yourself sometime, I think they will surprise you.  As usual, my two favorite Passion players were Shelley Lashley and Donna Ferry .  They both have great smiles, have fun, and totally get the marketing end of  the LFL.  The gallery I shot is below…

I was joined on the TV side for this shoot by Tim Obeck, Bob Seiberlich, Ryan Wismer, and host of the Better Philly segment that will air soon, Damien Muziani.  Damien is not the usual host we use for LFL so I am anxious to see this spot.  He had a good time with it and I am sure it will be a winner.


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  1. Hi JF… this looked like a second round for those that made it last time maybe. I saw a few new faces, but it was a more intense workout, tons of running, and the coaches kept the pace way higher than last time.

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