80’s Night at the Phillies

The Phillies got into their Hot Tub Time Machine and went back to the 80’s for one night at Citizens Bank Park.  Or was it their Delorean?  Well, either way I got to cover it.  Blues Brothers, Big Hair, Break Dancers were all well represented.  Some of the folks came from the 80’s, some were not even born, but girls, and boys, STILL, just wanna have fun and a great time was had by all– rrom the highest hair, to the sweetest mullet.   The park also featured great graphics on Fanovision and had 80’s memorabilia all over the concourses.

They also brought back what was known as the HOT PANTS GIRLS.  Now, technically, the Hot Pants Girls were a thing of the 70’s.  But hey, maybe they made it to the 80’s t00.  Either way, no one was complaining.  The girls that got to wear the uniforms did them justice.  The uniforms were in fact vintage from the time period, not replicas.  So, they were once worn by other Hot Pants Girls of the 70’s.  (Who now may be in their 60’s…and I’ll just stop there?!?).

Another really cool thing that happened was this break dance crew that performed on the Phillies concourse.  Some of my
inner circle knows that MTV’s ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew) is a guilty pleasure of mine.  (I know, weird right? Since I don’t even dance or really like hip hop?!).  Anyway, I like that show.  There, I said it!  Anyway, the “crew” to use the proper term, that was on the concourse was really, really good.  They were like The Jabbawockeez or Quest Crew but they were right there one foot in front of me.  It was one of those times, those rare times,  that you just totally get lost in what you are doing.  When I sat down to start shooting it was me and them.   I blinked my eye, and it was a half hour later, there was now a giant crowd, that I did not notice assemble, behind me, and I probably took 200 photos of them.  Even though they were more ABDC then 80’s, they were really talented, super cool, and even played to the camera.  I wish I would have gotten their info as I’d love to get them some of the many great shots I took as I got lost in that little hip hop moment.