Monster Mania 15 Horror Con Shoot

I am a huge horror fan, so even though Monster Mania 15 fell on what was supposed to be a work free weekend, I could not pass it up.  I went hoping to not spend a small fortune, because easily, I could have.  The event took place at the Crowne Hotel in Cherry Hill.  I saw license plates from all over the eastern part of the country and the crowd was big.  Although having covered more than a few events in the “fest”/”con” genre  people are starting to look familiar– and it seems that some people are fans of being fans– in addition to being into whatever the topic of the event is.  But hey, whatever!   There were so many folks that did a cool job and made this a cool event.

I did NOT photograph any of the celebs and I have been asked about that.  I did at Wizard World Comic-Com because the badge was different.  ( Wizard World gave out an actual Press Pass, where as Monster Mania just gave out wristbands.)  The difference is significant because the celebrities are there to sell their autographs and photos and without a press credential, each celeb is going to either have to get a story about who I am, where I work etc., or cash… and that can be time consuming.  So while I did spin by to see the Boondock Saints, William Forsythe, and the Pet Sematary reunion, I didn’t take pics.  Sorry!

But to me it’s about the fans more than the stars.  They are the real story!  Why spend one photo on Warlock when Ritta Rigamortis is there!  So without further adieu, the gallery is below.  I was generally happy with it.  Don’t miss the captions.  They are classic.

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  1. Thanks Kimbo-Pin! The people at these things are generally very, very cool and nice. They make it easy. You should go to one with me sometime.

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