Hockey with the Boccella’s

bocce2I had a rare Saturday Morning with nothing on the schedule, so I decided to check out my cousin and his son in West Chester, PA.  John moved to North Carolina back in the day . By coincidence his son’s traveling team that plays all over the eastern seaboard was playing in PA this weekend.  It was close enough that I really wanted to go.  I have been to lots of youth sports in the last few years and sometimes?  Let’s face it… these events are more social than athletic.  I like my friends and family so watching their kids “play sports” is just the kind thing to do, but it’s not always the sport as I am used to it!    This brand of hockey was an exception!  The level of play was certainly worthy of the travel the parents do.  The 12 year olds I watched were the cream of the crop.  They could all skate, REALLY skate, all could handle the puck, and they actually check.  There were some crushing hits that were well worth the trip.  It was a very entertaining hockey.   My cousin is a goalie and had a great game.  He turned away 34 of 38 shots, but the Jr. Flyers still had just a little more in the third period to beat the Jr Hurricanes.   The final score was 4-3.

For friends and family of John and myself, go to a game if you can, it’s pretty cool.  (PS.  I will be at his next game in NJ but only of they let me on the other side of the glass/netting!)  Here are a few pics I took…

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2 thoughts on “Hockey with the Boccella’s

  1. Omg, Tony thank you so much for taking such amazing pictures. It’s so nice to see them from someone else besides me. I really hope you are able to use your “pull” to get on the other side of the ice and get some pictures without the glass in the way. I can’t tell you how much it meant to both John and Drew that you were able to go to the game, wish I was able to be there too. The game really is amazing to watch, so glad that they play hockey…so fast paced and exciting. Say hi to the family!

  2. Anytime! It’s good practice as I don’t do too much inside. I wish I would have gotten some close ups of his mask. COOL STUFF. Next time…

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