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Meet Sarah and David…Or as my colleagues at WPHL really know them, William Lehan and Gina Donaghy Gannon. They were the stars of this commercial for Chairman Select wine that I took the photo stills for. I had the pleasure of shooting the two of them in two separate shoots at PA Wine and Spirits Shops. (For my NJ friends… see LIQUOR STORE!). My photography was used for this promo. Even the pouring of the wine was made from a series of burst photos. (I used a Canon 7D that shoots a lot of frames per second.)

In addition to starring in the commercial, William Lehan was the graphic artist and editor that made the spot. Some people don’t like their photos edited by others. I was one of those people. Until I met William. He made good photos, perfect photos. Every blemish, speck smudge…gone; every color and hue perfect. If you get a chance watch the commercial with those lenses that jewelers look at diamonds with check it out… that perfect.

So if William was my secret post-production weapon, Gina Donaghy Gannon was my not so secret weapon the day of the shot.  Gina is impossible to photograph looking bad.  She’s just that beautiful, naturally.  If you can’t remember that name, remember that face, as you will see more of her in loftier productions than this one! Seriously, remember that face/name someday you will say you saw her when.

This commercial is currently airing on several channels in the Philadelphia Market and it was great to be a part of. Text me when you see it, just like you do when you see me IN the Phillies commercial as I am way prouder of this one.

Here is another commercial that used my photography. Much simpler…

Albert School from WPHL-TV on Vimeo.

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