Got Mud? Philly Mud Run for MS

The Philly Mud Run 2011 is the coolest shoot of my summer if not my career! Excluding maybe Phillies, this might be one of my favorite shoots to date.   The only regret is that I didn’t get to do it– just covered it.  It was dirty, it smelled, I fell twice, I came home filthy and smelling like something that passed through an animals digestive tract,   but I had the greatest time!  I was in weeds, water, falling down hills, setting up in muck– all to get images that I hope tell the story.  I like to shoot people, but the story this day was absolutely the mud.  I hope a decade of 5ks helped me do the photo job I wanted to as well.

The location of the Philly Mud Run was Newtown Square, PA.  A great place for the runners and a great place to shoot.  Beautiful green terrain, deep rich mud,  and grey natural stone formations gave me backdrops that I could not have set up better if I selected them in Photoshop.  (The only thing missing was blue skies–the day was overcast.)  I have never had more publishable photos than I did at this event.  Event photography is often times over shooting in the hopes you get what you need.  Mud Run?  Just about every shot was usable and there were some real gems.  I shot 6 galleries.  You can see them all at by clicking the link below.

The Philly Mud Run is well on it’s way to be the highest rated thing on the PHL17 web since Mummers.   Thanks to all the folks that made these images awesome and had the guts and endurance to finish this 10k mud obstacle laden course.  See the images here, (Philly Mud Run Pictures) or click the gallery below.  Theoretically Gallery 1 is the best, then 2, 3… etc to 6.  But if you check them out let me know your favorites and why.


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