Hunter Pence Charity on the Moshulu

Hunter Pence had his inaugural “LET’S GO EAT” charity event aboard the Moshulu.  For my out of town friends the Moshulu is a restaurant aboard a ship.  Not exactly sure what kind of ship since I am a “land lubber” and don’t do well at sea.  Even when “the sea” is most likely bolted to the dock.  Regardless, the Moshulu is a really nice place and I was happy to cover the event for my day job, WPHL-TV.

The event was PACKED,  and again… on a ship.  Roy Scheider in JAWS immediately came to mind;

You’re gonna need a bigger boat!

In addition, the light on a boat is all over the place, every plank seemed to have different light and shadow, coupled with the fact that every plank had a person on it.    And most of those planksters paid GOOD MONEY for the one time chance to get up close and personal with their beloved Phils so I tried not to obstruct them more than I had to.  Part of the ship was set up for a stage, part was a ping pong table area.  (If there is one thing I like less than the sea, it’s ping pong! Ha ha!)  Part was an inside bar, part was a lounge.  And there are probably a few other areas I forgot too.  So, moving to and fro was tough.  Still I was happy with how it went.   Shane Victorino continues to be my favorite Phil because he is very photogenic and always seems to be the first player to do things.—simple things like laughing, smiling, interacting with fans, and in this case specific things like playing golf with a lucky kid or playing the piano.

I shared the deck with PHL17 colleague and good buddy Mikalyn Austin who managed to sneak me into her video news coverage.

The rest of my photos can be seen on but here are some of my favorites.