Take Your Kid to Work Day

Since I don’t have my own kids– I love a little quality time with my sisters. My niece and nephew are a lot of fun. My nephew is all about tv, radio, movies, etc– so, “Take Your Kid to Work Day” for 2013 seemed like a natural fit to take him to PHL17. I have worked at PH17 for five years, have great friends there and knew it would be fun. And it was. Everyone I work with was really awesome and showed him a great time. Nick had been to WPHL before, but this time I actually put him to work. Here’s some photos of the day.

In addition to working a little on his own, Nick got to see me in one of my favorite parts of my job. The part of my job where we brainstorm about promo ideas. Nick got to not only see, but contribute to an impromptu think tank about one of our commercial characters, Peter Cheeseman (Cheeseman is played by me in the commercials, so this was a treat on lots of levels for Nick!). Unbeknownst to me, Nick actually IPAD recorded a little of our convo– below.

Of all the pictures and vids from this day, my favorite is the one Nick shot! When I am old and grey, or in a different line of work, brainstorming ideas with people like WPHL Creative Services is something I will always want to remember. Good Job, Nick!

Nick’s Video

(Follows the action nicely for a 9 year old, don’t ya think?!)

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  1. Great job !! Sure was nice of Uncle Tony and his friends to make such a great day for Nick.

  2. Any thoughts on the “Bring your dog” to work day. Got a cute “Tibetan-Springer” so wanting a day at work..

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