I Heart South Jersey Banks!

When he was alive, my grandfather’s favorite thing to do with big piles of money was to cultivate it in various banks in Southern NJ.  Back in those days he loved a CD at Haddon Savings, First Colonial or Coumbia Savings as much as I loved a CD at Circle Records or Tower Records. So this month when I got to shoot a commercial at one of those banks in downtown Collingswood it was really fun!  Here’s the clip….

I did not shoot all of this one, just these clips…

The spot was produced by Chris Schaefer and the other shots in the commercial were by Ryan Wismer.  The extras in the clip were women that work for First Colonial, minus of course Kristen Hatfield a PHL17 colleague (pink).  Gerry Banmiller, President of First Colonial National Bank is the speaker and it was a real pleasure to meet him, even though he balked at my shot suggestion of opening the vault and jumping into a pile of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck.

The light in the bank was ample enough that we shot on SLR and used just the light we had available and kept the whole production very short to get Gerry and crew back to the business of banking. Time is money at First Colonial.