New Peter Cheeseman Means MORE OUTTAKES!

So, in the ongoing tv commercial adventures of my alter ego, Peter Cheeseman, we did another round of promos. We also got some stills this time and another really funny set out outtakes.  Apologies in advance for language. If you are new to Peter Cheeseman, it’s a character that promotes our morning news product called EYE OPENER in a series of television commercials in the Philadelphia market. (LIKE Peter Cheeseman on Facebook HERE). That’s 4th market AND my home market, so, this is all pretty awesome.  Here’s a taste…

First up?  Best Of Peter Cheeseman…

Here are the new Fall 2013 Cheeseman’s

I like the new ones that are starting to have my PHL17 Eye Opener friends in them!

Here’s some outtakes. Sorry for the language!

I love the outtakes because this gets to the heart of how we do these.  It’s just me laughing with my work friends just making them laugh like I have always done with my friends. I love the creative process for Cheeseman as much as I love and have always loved, making my friends laugh.

Here’s some new Peter Cheeseman Photos

Here’s the some older Cheeseman’s…

Here’s the some older Peter Cheeseman Photos

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