Share a Coke with my Niece and Nephew

After seeing a clever viral, I thought it would be fun to spend my day off making some videos with my niece and nephew. Even thought my nephew is only 10, I have exposed him to non-linear editing in the last few months and thought this would be a great re-enforcement of the basic concepts. So, with the help of his sister and his dad, we got some name bottle Cokes and had a little fun with, what I think Coca-Cola calls their, #ShareACoke campaign. We had a great time. There’s more video than these two, but, I only took one day off. Maybe when I take a week off we can make a feature-length film.  Here’s what we came up with…


For those that will be up in arms that there are about a dozen Cokes over all over my house, rest assured none of us even drank an entire bottle that day. They are all still in my fridge, minus a sip or two. Coke is my favorite soda but I rarely ever drink it, NEVER DIET, and do my best to encourage the kids to so the same.  That said, a sip or two of soda for an 8 and 10 year old is pretty much all it takes to get them pretty silly.

As an aside, the day we took off to do this, was the day Robin Williams died.  We wrapped up around 6pm and the kids went home.  An hour later I texted my brother-in-law that I had heard the news. Robin Williams is one of the absolute favorites of my niece and nephew, like he was for lots of kids.  And big kids. And grown up kids. Had we found a Coke with “Robin” on it, he would have been in the vids. In retrospect I am glad we didn’t.  The next day the kids were on a plane to Hollywood and they got to see the outpouring of emotion for Robin Williams and read the poignant words on his Walk of Fame in 1998.  “Carpe Diem.”


Some photos from my sister below.