“For Combing Your Hair, and Scratchin’!”

Unless this is your fist time to my blog, you know the stage adventures of my niece and nephew and all their friends are super cool to me.  It makes me so proud of them when I go see their shows. I have seen them and their friends get better every year.  Also, I am a firm believer that the skills kids learn in plays and drama are skills that help them with confidence through their lives.  So I encourage them and I try and get to as many shows as I can.

The latest offering “Peter Pan” did not disappoint.  My favorite part of the play was hearing the English accent of my niece that I heard her practice at my house.  When she told Capt. Hook in an English Accent, “I thought you liked ya hook?!  For combin’ ya hair– and scratchin’!” (then she scratched) it got huge laughs.

Here are some photos and video. (Coming Soon).