Weekend Philler Season Two : My Top 10 Moments!

Tony Romeo Weekend Philler Host

This weekend, Weekend Philler launches season 3.  I’m incredibly proud of that.  It happens so fast that I sometimes get lost in the making of it, that I forget to smell the roses so to speak and enjoy what we’ve built.  So here are my personal “phavorite” moments from Season 2.  BUT FIRST– gotta give a shout out to the best team in all of local TV.  The Original Phillerinos, Team Philler, PHl17 Creative Services, or– (Travis, Kristen, John, Bianca, Holly and William). I can’t really put into words how great it is to work with the Weekend Philler Team, so I will let one of our subjects get me started.

I’m proud every time I shoot with the Philler Team.  We’ve captured some breathtaking images, met some extraordinary characters and helped people tell their stories, in their words.  You don’t hear us in the pieces, (as we LIKE it that way on Weekend Philler, it’s our trademark), but it’s an art and a science getting these stories from people that are not used to being in front of a camera. We make them comfortable– and they make the magic for us.  Here are some great on location photos.

Now onto the moments

Number 10: Beating Cancer with Lunacy Brewing Company

I didn’t know when we started that we’d be able to move people like this.  But when I saw Ricky and Mike tear up in the main interview for the Craft Corner segment, I knew I wanted to do a side story about Ricky and his battle with Cancer.  These guys and this brewery have become great friends and best news of all, Ricky got the good news he wanted about his treatment a little after this one aired.

Number 9: That time I rode a roller coaster on screen!

Maybe ONE year I can do this without profanity!  OOPS….

Number 8: That time we had an EAGLES PEP RALLY SHOW FOR THE SUPERBOWL! 

Of  course we were happy because the Eagles were in the Bowl, but we also really came together as a team and pulled off an unexpected show, really quick.  I interviewed Merrill Reese and got really inspiring Man on the Street Interviews.

Number 7: Getting my Dad on Film at Prospectors. 

Sure it was worth it just for the bloopers, but it was cool to get my dad on film telling stories.  He’s a legendary friend to so many people, so many have enjoyed a laugh, a cry and everything in between with my Dad, it was cool to have him tell a story in this way and save it for the ages.  Look for a podcast with me and my dad soon called, “DAD GENES.”

Number 6 Take a Kid to Work Day.

Take the Kids to Work Day, or whatever it’s called, is my favorite day of the year.  This year in addition to Nick and Jess, I took their friend’s Gabby and Chris.  The latter are a little older, take production courses in High School and I truly feel like maybe I helped some kids find a major in college, if not a career. (It’s not too late kids– major in math or science if you want to make some dough!) . I’ve done this in the past, but this year the tour was Weekend Philler flavored and that made me really proud. (UPDATE: Chris and Gabby are in college!  Chris at my alma mater!)

Here are some pics and video.

Number 5: Mr Vitale Shout Out. 

My brother in law’s father was the greatest guy and a huge fan of the show.  Al “G-Pop” Vitale always supported our family, especially his grand kids theater and especially Weekend Philler.  G-Pop loved to talk Philler.  When Mr. V. passed away this Spring, Team Philler let me give him a shout out on the show.  I choked back tears, but Producers John and Trav were patient and I was really happy the moment we got. My phone blew up that weekend when it aired as it touched so many people.  Some that knew him.  Some that didn’t.

Number 4:  Going back to 3rd Grade.

My new favorite thing in the entire world is speaking to kids that want to follow a career in TV/Media/etc.  I had the pleasure of doing that at Grace Downing School in Runnemede.  Back story, a life long friend, Jade Yezzi is the Principal there and set up the whole thing. Then we did a segment about the day and the TV Channel the kids run.  Helping young kids follow their dreams is what it’s all about for me.

And some photos!

3. Man on the Street Interviews.

The tagline of our show, a tagline that is for the most part largely embraced #InsideJoke, is “Putting the You back in UHF.”  That means we make a show about people and let the people tell the story.  This season I got the idea to conduct MOS Interviews, beautifully shot and lit to really let the subjects resonate. I started with the very emotional interviews for our Super Bowl Pep Rally Episode.  These were filmed on location at Rumors Bar and Grill, Berlin Fall Fest, Berlin Brewing Co and Prospectors Steak House.  I will be back to each in Season 3.  I know some of these folks “IRL” and there are some real local legends in this one.


2. Epic Bloopers

The best part of making by and about people, for me, is bloopers. Three of my favorites this year starred my dad, my sister and my niece.  Almost as much fun as putting family on TV is watching our friends and family laugh at these bloopers.

1.Kids Day at Wizard World with my Niece.

For many years, even before Philler, my nephew covered Comic-Con with me for Kids day as a Kid Reporter.   This year since Nick was a little big for the role, my niece Jessica said she’d give it a go.   She had been to the studio not long before, and honestly, I was not sure she was up to the task.  See Blooper.  For me just putting kids on TV isn’t good enough.  I think they need to be good.  Really good.

What happened that day made me the best combination of surprised and happy.  “Jessie V” completely nailed it at Comic Con!  She was amazing and I was so so proud of her.

Jess had a level this day I didn’t know she had and the really cool thing is I saw that level again in about a month when she totally nailed her first really big role in a play.  In my head Comic-Con was the thing that helped her see that level we knew she had, but maybe she didn’t.  Her journey is not much different than my own with Weekend Philler. I think other people thought I could do this, way before I knew I could.  Those Phillerinos as I call them made the difference for me, I hope in some small way I made a difference for my niece Jess.

Much Love Phillerinos.

See you in Season 3.