50th Wedding Anniversary Uncle Steve and Aunt Carol

Only because I am confident that my Aunt Carol has enough heirs already– am I going to risk getting written out of her will by posting photos of her on the WWW.  She has very strict rules!  But it was a very beautiful day and my cousins did a great job.  It was also nice to see so many in my family that I haven’t in a long time.  And truth be told, my Aunt Carol is my godmother, always treated me like gold and her and my Uncle Steve are the kind of people I always wanted to be like.  Wonderful seeing you all, keep in touch.  Apologies for weird faces and blinks in the group shots, it’s impossible to wrangle you all, especially since so many of you are crazily camera shy.

One thought on “50th Wedding Anniversary Uncle Steve and Aunt Carol

  1. Love the pictures! I miss my family so much…wish I could have joined you.

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