A Very Trivial Father’s Day!

My dad has had a pretty full life. So “gifts” are pretty pointless as he pretty much has all the things he wants at 74 years of age.  So this year, I went with something “experiential” for his Father’s Day gift.  This year we made a memory I won’t ever forget.  My dad and I hosted a special “Father’s Day Trivia” at one of my favorite venues… Eight & Sand Brewing Company.  My Trivial Things with Tony Romeo people call my dad “Tony Romeo Original Recipe” and he’s a fan favorite.  Especially at Eight.  A great time was had by all.  My heart goes out to those of you that don’t have their moms and dads on these holidays, so I truly, truly try and appreciate mine.

Tony Romeo and Tony Romeo Original Recipe
I surprised my dad by wearing his late 70s/early 80s Tennis League shirt. The shirt is vintage and held up pretty well. The genuis of the “Peaks and Valleys” league was two brackets– one for the peaks, who were good… one for the valleys that were just happy to be there! (Might steal this format for trivia).

To make the day more sweet, the event was very well attended!  We had about 24 teams, many drinking with their dads.  We will 100% make this an annual at Eight & Sand which is also a great place for fathers and sons.  The Mazzone’s, owners, remind me of me and my dad and of course Burke has a son that is the spitting image of his brewer dad as well.  I was also joined by some of “Romeo Home Team” that included my brother-in-law and niece and nephew.  They always support my dad, their Pop Pop.

This was the picture round for our Father’s Day Trivia
Romeo Home Team

My Dad, Tony Rome original recipe has always been a fan favorite with my friends from the time I was a kid.  Coaching, driving, getting friends out of jail haha… (kidding-ish).  He’s always been the dad people liked.  The Trivial Things with Tony Romeo Trivia People– are like awesome grown up versions of the people I knew as kids.  They drink legally now though… Here are some photos from the day.  If you have some, send them my way and I will add to the gallery!

Again, if you are lucky enough to have your folks, please enjoy them.  Tomorrow is never promised.