New Phils Commercial Filmed at my House


Today’s blog is dedicated to my cousin Angela!  It’s kind of Ang’s week.  She had a honeymoon, a wedding, oh and this cool ass commercial that she appears in, debuted the night of her rehearsal dinner.  (Look here for pics of Wedding!)   Many people from our family, new and old, gathered in the restaurant’s bar and got to watch this together on PHL17!  Very cool to watch them, watch it…

It was filmed at my home in Berlin, NJ and includes some of my other friends as well.  Adam Friedman, Leah Houck, Megan McGrath, Jim Sullivan, and Ellen Jones are in it as well.  Although some of them you have to freeze frames to see them.  I am also in the commercial, seated behind Angela on the red couch.  So, with out further adieu…  here you go…

BONUS: For those of you that cannot get enough of PHL17 Productions, and I am sure that’s MOST of you–  Here are some exclusive behind the scenes images taken that day.  Some are McFadden’s and some are at my house.  Thanks again to everyone, especially WPIX who were also a big part of this day!


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