Berlin Borough Fireworks

lil2Last year was the first in my lifetime that Berlin Borough did not have its annual 4th of July fireworks. That means I got a break from my yearly ritual of loading up a camera, flashlight, tripod, various lenses and scurrying up and down streets and footpaths trying to both avoid traffic and get a “good” shot and taking a decent fireworks photo. Fireworks are tough to shoot no matter where you set up, but I try and get an out of the way location, then I concentrate of various long exposures, focus modes, metering, etc. etc.

So after last year’s sad hiatus, this year I was back at it! I decided to start in the middle of a cornfield… seemed like a good idea. It wasn’t. Aside from being pretty freaky at nightfall, the view was not what I thought. SO, i moved to the development across the street from my development and got shots that… I probably could have gotten at home!

If you also took some pictures of Berlin Borough 2011 Fireworks that you are really happy with, I’d love to see them ( or let me see on FB). I get better every year, but I still feel I have a ways to go with firework photography… This was also a swan song for the lens I used tonight. Canon 10-22mm. It goes to Ebay real soon. Unless someone wants to buy it…

Oh well… see you next year. Wave to me while you are sitting in traffic on Cross Keys. I am the one with the tripod… Here are the shots I got…

2 thoughts on “Berlin Borough Fireworks

  1. Great shots. A lot of the places in our county that normally present fireworks didn’t do so this year, largely due to the Minnesota government shut down. Really a shame as this is probably one of the first years we didn’t get out to see any.

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