Opening Day Streak Comes to an End

Tony Romeo Lori Bobbin

SO, my personal Lou Gerhig opening day streak ends in 2008! As long as I can recall in my adult life, the Phillies home opener has been a staple in my spring. Tailgaiting, hanging out with friends, cutting work, and usually freezing my ass off in yet another subpar Phillies home opening effort. Not this year. I have been there in the freezing rain, I have been there in the almost snow, I have been there on some really nice days. I was there for the last year of Veteran’s Stadium and there for the first day of Citizen’s Bank Park. I was there with my family, friends, etc. Every Year.

This year? This year I got to watch 2 at bats, (Rollins and Victorino), from the pizza place across from my job. Hardly the opening day I am used to. (Although the Phillies are on their way to giving me their usual April effort.) Still it broke my heart not to be there, and it broke my heart to break my streak. Big sorry to all my friends that I have spent Opening days of yesteryear with. I promise I will start a new streak next year. Until then, please enjoy some pictures of Phillies openers past. Go Phils…

Pictures coming soon…Thanks to Wolfie for sending this one of Me and Lori (Tony Romeo and Lori Bobbin, left). If any of you have other, please email them to me. Thanks!

One thought on “Opening Day Streak Comes to an End

  1. Tickets were impossible to obtain anyway. Seems the Phils decided to be sure the brokers got all they needed by posting a bogus raffle. Lame. Like Tony’s job.

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