Ghost of Romeo Past…The Romeos of Rondon Ave

Most of you have heard mention of my maternal grandfather Grampy Sandro.  But I also had a paternal grandfather that was just as colorful, if not more.  Albert Romeo, Pop-Pop, was a one of a kind.  In good ways, bad ways and different ways.  He helped give me my sense of humor, the Romeo charm, and the last name that no one ever forgets…  We miss him.

Family Note:  As I am sure this link will get passed around to my family, if you would like the scans of these, please give me a call I have discs for whoever would like them.  The originals will be safely returned to Aunt Carol…

3 thoughts on “Ghost of Romeo Past…The Romeos of Rondon Ave

  1. Uncle Romeo was a stud! Loved the pictures of Aunt Rita also. Where are the pictures of you as a baby with your cousins?

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