Back in Show Biz!

I am sure most of you have heard by now that my parent company at WPHL-17, The Tribune Broadcasting Company, has filed for Chapter 11.  Tribune owns lots of properties, not just WPHL.   Whilst the Chapter 11 news is certainly unsettling… there is good news…

It HAS NOT affected my ability to get everything but my face on TV every so often!  So, although my REGULAR career could be in serious jeopardy, my pretend TV career is in full bloom!!  With this “hand cameo” I make my triumphant return to TV in a commercial for some calendar thingy!!  I am the guy in the blue sweater, right hand, right side of the screen, at :20 seconds in.  The spot was written and produced by WPHL’s Chris Schaefer and shot by Travis Brower.

For those of you keeping track, and for the Tony Romeo Body Parts on TV Fan Club, this is my 4th second on TV in the calendar year 2008  (My torso was in an ikea spot earlier in the year)!!!  I am hoping to shatter that 4 second cumulitive total in 2009.  If I am still here!

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