"Romeo Discrimination" by Nike?

So Nike has this awesome thing that you can customize your sneakers.   Custom Colors, Graphics, stlyes…even widths!  I needed some wider Nikes so I thought I would try the NikeID software to customize some kicks.  I really just needed them wider, but I thought I would try and emulate the old Nike “Oceana” pattern I had as a kid.  All navy, with a white stripe.   Took me a while, but I got something close.  The last option you can do, and possibly the coolest, is have “YOUR NAME” appear on the back of the shoe instead of Nike.  How cool is that?  So, after laboring with 9 sections of customiziaton, I entered, “ROMEO”  as what I would like my shoes to say.  And…

“Your ID choice is not within our guidelines.  All IDs need to follow our Personilization Product Guidelines.”

What!?!?  “ROMEO” is apparently not allowed on the backs of Nike shoes?  I was really shocked.  So I wrote Nike an email. (Below)

Customer (Tony Romeo) – 07/07/2009 05:38 PM

Hi, I am trying to make Pegasus, that say “ROMEO” on the back, or side, as that is my last name. My last name is not like HITLER, or DICKWAD, or anything like that, but the configurator is telling me I can’t choose that name? What’s up with that. My ID is romeo1970 and I have ran over 500 miles in your shoes the last two years, and god knows how many before that. Thanks in advance… Tony Romeo

Nike replied with this: Response (Lorne) – 07/08/2009 07:33 AM

Hi Tony, Thanks for choosing Nike+! So for most NIKEiD products, you can submit a combination of letters, spaces and numbers to form an iD – a personalized message that appears on your creation. While we accept most iDs, we cannot honor every one. Some may contain other trademarks, or the names of certain professional sports teams, athletes or celebrities that NIKE does not have the right to use. Others may contain material that we consider inappropriate or simply do not want to place on our products. Unfortunately, at times this obliges us to decline iDs that may otherwise seem unobjectionable. If you personal tag is unacceptable, your order will be canceled and you will be notified via email. NIKE reserves the right to cancel any iDs after they have been submitted. Sorry for the inconvenience of the personalization policy. Sincerely, Lorne

In their defense, “Hitler” did in fact, NOT work either.  But I am still at a loss why ROMEO does not.  I was really disappointed that I could not get ROMEO kicks…  I have ran many, many miles in their shoes, and I will continue to do so, regardless of this let down.

7 thoughts on “"Romeo Discrimination" by Nike?

  1. There must be some ugly dudes over this project that despise the word ‘Romeo’.

  2. I’m very surprised you were unaware…
    Romeo has been in the urban dictionary for almost 40 years now.


    “Get your head out of your romeo”

    I hear its used almost daily at PHL 17.

  3. ROMEO DISCRIMINATION! WOW! My first guess is that somehwere along the line, Pop Pop met Mrs Nike……………..LOL

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