Nike Running Teaches Great Interactive Marketing Lesson by Mistake

So anyone that’s been to my Facebook even once, probably knows I wear the Nike Plus running shoes.  They sync with your Ipod to tell you how far and fast you run.  Anyone that reads my blog, knows I don’t always love my nikeplus and my nike runners.  Still, I have bought a dozen pair in the last few years, running in nothing else, and I follow Nike Running on FB because I like the data the Ipod Plus Kit gives me.  Today Nike Running posted this…


This alludes to a Nike competitor, Vibram, and companies like them, that make running shoes with 5 toes.  My initial reaction was a half chuckle as I DO find the shoes peculiar to look at.  I had a colleague of mine shoot at a 5th grade event wearing them and the kids actually made fun of him.

Still, I know some people love the five toe shoes for running, so I read on.  What I found, about 80% to 20%, was 200 plus comments of people defending Vibram and bashing Nike for making the post and the Nike shoes in general.  Some said they would drop Nike from FB … my favorite said, “Don’t Hate… Innovate.”   Below is a random sampling of some…

So now Nike is left in the lesser of two evil online options of giving a competitor brand space on their FB, OR, taking the post down and facing that retribution from the 200 plus making it a bigger issue.  If you are Nike…I think the answer is you just ride it out, and hope that the negative comments end with that post.  But either way Nike is losing very sought after FB likes and probably giving more thought to posts like that.  Either way, it’s a great lesson for those that market online.

Thanks Nike!

One thought on “Nike Running Teaches Great Interactive Marketing Lesson by Mistake

  1. I recently hiked up the highest peak in Vermont and on my way down passed a guy with those 5 toes sock/shoes. At first I was amused, but I respected the guy for making the hike and later heard an interesting radio program discussing the various schools of thought.
    I think the jury is still out on this for me.

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