Tales from 08081 — ALOHA BAY

So yesterday I did something I often get accused of NEVER doing.  I left 08009!  And although I did not go too far, I had a lovely time in “The 08081”at a place called ALOHA BAY.  It’s a great tiki bar.   I am pretty sure they do not have a web site so I can’t link them.  I am also pretty sure they can’t be found on GPS either.  But it’s at 306 Sicklerville Road, Sicklerville, NJ.  Aloha Bay bar is completely outdoors on a giant deck.  They only serve cans, so bring one of those beer can holders.  The staff is very friendly, the jukebox is great, and they set up the TVs so that you can watch a game, even during the day.  Yesterday was in the 90’s when we were there, and it was hot, but not uncomfortable hot.  And when the sun goes down it’s breezy and quite nice.   If you travel there from my neck of the woods, and take Sicklerville Road be sure to see the “scenic waterfall” of Winslow, and the giant MYPHL17 Phillies Billboard.  Let us know if the colors look weird.  I think they do?!

I had been to ALOHA BAY  before, but not in over a year.  I also had not eaten there before.  The food at ALOHA BAY was outstanding!  The wings came highly recommended and they did not disappoint.  Thanks Aloha Bay!  See you next time…


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