On the Field at Citizens Bank Park

When my boss emailed to ask me if I was available for the Police Athletic Leagues Media Softball Game at Citizens Bank Park before the August 5 Phillies game, for a fleeting second?  I thought she wanted me to play!?  ACTUALLY what she wanted was for me and the rest of  WPHL Creative Services to cover the event.  (Apparently, your torso appearing in and out of  Phillies promos, impersonating Dan Baker, and being Phillies Promo Desk Dude do NOT qualify for me to join the likes of Mark Zumoff  and Matt O’Donnell and actually play in the game. )  In fact, even our station General Manager, Vince Giannini, being the manager of the TV/Radio team in the game, was not enough to get me selected as a last minute alternate, (ala Jayson Werth!).  No.  This year, playing was not in the cards!

In retrospect?  What I got to do instead was much cooler!  Along with WPHL’s own Travis Brower, Chris Schaefer and Tim Obeck we got to go onto the field and cover the event.  We were down on the field as the fans entered the stadium, as the real Dan Baker did the play by play, and as the real Philadelphia media played in the game to help a great cause.  (PAL.)  Below are some pictures of us at the event.  Sorry we look a little rough, it was hot as hell that day and we ran all over the place.  See you next time!


We shot a Better Philly segment that starred Joey Fortman and Jenny Repko.  To see the pictures I shot for the event, follow this link. (Police Athletic Leagues Media Softball Game).

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  1. Great pics. I really think since you guys didn’t get to play those nice Phl 17 shirts would have been in order for the camera crew. I we could borrow it on Phillies Day at work.

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