Let it Be

What an amazing night at The Vault in Berlin, NJ. I gave this gift to my family and friends for Christmas.  It was YOU SING Beatles night, I knew my nephew had been practicing and I knew this would be a special moment for all of us as he took the stage.  And it was…

2019 has been such a challenging year.  As Nick sang this song I felt a connection to the “when the broken hearted people living in the world…”  I felt it in my core.  We all had an amazing time, but for some of us, hearts were heavy.  As I posted on FB when I shared this– still I am hopeful, like the song, that bad times are transient– as bad times ALWAYS are… and better days are ahead. I know they are for Nick as he killed it in this venue– and has been doing great things since.  Either way, the show must go on.

And it did… after Nick another youngster took the stage and it was a beautiful moment that I happened to record.  I hope she goes on to great things and I captured her first performance. LINK.  She sang blackbird and it was a lovely rendition that again– I chose to hear in a hopeful way.  We all “take our broken wings and learn to fly” at some point in our lives or another.

Finally the night ended on a crazy rendition of a birthday song, “BIRTHDAY” by Graham, Keith and company at THE VAULT.   They dedicated it to my mom, and even brought her up on stage.  Great Night.

Tough times preceded it, tough times are following it– but being there with my network of family and friends… again, I’m hopeful that 2019 starts rocky but winds up as another great year for me in a long, long line of great years. Thank you so much to my old friends, new friends and the best family in the world that made this night one I will never forget.