Romeo Abides: Lebowski Fest 2009, North Bowl Philadelphia

So I can finally cross LEBOWSKI FEST off my want list of things to do.  This year the festival finally came to my home town, Philadelphia, and I got to go.  In the simplest words I can use, if you are a “fan” of this movie, or a “kinda fan” of this movie make sure you hit one of these someday.  For more information about where to find one of these, go to

Philadelphia had the luxury this year that some venues did not.  Both nights of the festival were weekends.  So Friday began at the E.F.C. in Philly.  White Russians, rabid fans, a band, a video message from The Dude (Jeff Bridges), and a screening of the film.  Only this was no ordinary screening.  This was an interactive yell at the screen, clap, fist pump, dance, dialogue and revel in any and every piece of the movie that moved you.  When Walter yelled “Over the Line!” and a few hundred Lebowski fans yelled with him it was a new and awesome way to enjoy a film.  Ironically if you watch a movie, and one person is there saying lines, it can be really aggravating; but at Lebowski Fest it made the same experience a life long memory.

The next night was on to NORTH BOWL in Philadelphia.  This was the part of the Fest that included Bowling, Trivia, Costume Contests, and, the ever popular, What-Have-You.  It was a riot.  Dudes, Maudes, Walters, Jesuses (Jesi?!), Strangers, Nihilists, Lennon and Lenin, etc. etc.  In short?  It was a riot as well.  The staff at North Bowl was awesome, the Fest “Founding Dudes” were awesome, and the Philadelphia Achievers were awesome!  (PS. I got to interview the Founding Dudes, Scott and Will, I will post that when it is edited!).   Below are the photos I took for WPHL…  Enjoy!  Special Thanks to Shelley Wright at PlusOneMusic and Chris Roli Tour Manager…   See you all later on down the trail…

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